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Eden College Durban

welcome to Eden College!

Par LENKA GIRAUD-QUEAU, publié le mardi 31 janvier 2017 22:08 - Mis à jour le jeudi 2 février 2017 15:30

Dans le cadre de l'EPI et avant de démarrer la correspondance avec les élèves sud-africains, les élèves de 4A  ont eu une présentation en photos  (et en anglais) de Eden College, notre établissement partenaire en Afrique du Sud. Ils ont pris des notes et rédigé un texte. En voici quelques uns...Quelques unes des photos présentées aux élèves suivent...

In Eden college they have a field and children can play rugby, soccer,... They have 12 grades. They have a library and a dance room. In music class they have instruments. In the school they have a big hall and posters on the walls. On the posters it's written "work hard and be kind". They wear a multiform. Mrs Lussi is the French teacher, she worked with Mrs Giraud last year. Sometimes monkeys steal food from pupils. They are naughty. In the teacher's room, they have a lot of sofas. In south Africa  the school year starts again in January. When they have sport competitions, they are divided in two groups : the loeries and the Kingfishers. They have a tuck shop and a swimming pool. Le Berre Chloé 4°A

In Eden College, our partner school , there is a swimming pool, a field, a big hall, a dance room, a tuck shop and a library. They have multiforms.  The monkeys steal foodand people don't like them. The languages taught are afrikaans, zulu and English. Maya Lamy 4ème A

Eden college is a school with students from grade 1 to grade 12.They have multiforms. There is a music classroom, a dance classroom, a swimming pool, a library and a field. In their classrooms, there is air conditioning because it can be hot over there. Africkaanns and Zulu are taught to all chidren.When it's assembly time, the headmaster gives information to all the students. The students have to bring food, but sometimes the monkeys steal it; naughty monkeys! So students have to buy food in the tuck shop. :) BONNET Lou 4eme a